Ankle and Foot Pain Treatment

Effective Treatment Solutions for Ankle & Foot Pain

Healthy ankles and feet are vital for an active life. They are the foundation that supports our movement, allowing us to walk, run, and jump. At Auto Accident Injury Doctors clinic, we specialize in treating a wide range of ankle and foot conditions to get you back on your feet pain-free.

Get a dedicated team of healthcare professionals committed to providing compassionate care and effective treatments to help you regain mobility and alleviate discomfort.

Diagnostic Services for Accurate Treatment

To accurately diagnose your ankle or foot pain, we offer a range of diagnostic services:

  • Physical examinations: Get experienced doctors to assess your symptoms, range of motion, and any visible signs of injury.
  • X-rays: These imaging tests provide detailed pictures of bones to identify fractures or other abnormalities.
  • MRIs: These scans create detailed images of soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, helping diagnose ligament tears, muscle strains, and other soft tissue injuries.
Diagnostic Services for Accurate Treatment

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Ankle & Foot Pain Treatments We Serve



Experience relief with pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medications, or cortisone injections. These medications can help manage your pain and inflammation, enabling you to move more comfortably and efficiently.

Physical Therapy

Conservative Methods

Benefit from rest, ice therapy, compression wraps, and physical therapy. These methods promote healing, reduce pain, and restore mobility, allowing you to resume your activities confidently.

RICE therapy

Advanced Treatments

For more severe cases, we offer minimally invasive procedures like arthroscopy or surgery. These advanced treatments target specific conditions, providing lasting relief and improved functionality.

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One-stop shop for diagnosis, treatment plans, and various treatment options.

Experienced team

Qualified podiatrists and compassionate staff provide personalized care.

Advanced technology

Latest tools for accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment.

Minimally invasive approach

Prioritizes less invasive options for faster recovery.

Personalized plans

We work with you to tailor treatment to your needs.

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